Journal Entry 172

It has been over  two weeks now since I came back from the Middle East. The Lord blessed my time there with my co-laborers, and there was much I gained from that experience. Last night, the Lord safely brought home a brother from the same location, and I am sure he has much to share with the brethren in San Antonio.

Being in the Middle East has been a tremendous help for me to plan what I want to do after graduate school and the rest of my life. A former overseer of mine would give me multiple biographies of missionaries and men who walked with God. He currently has two of his children in the mission field, and my former church is supporting them along with many others. It is something I am praying about because I do not have a specific burden for a certain country. I used to have a very strong burden for Vietnam, but when I first met Paul Washer he listed Vietnam as one of the countries being reached by many evangelicals already. Honestly, I was somewhat discouraged. However, one key component to being in the will of God is being faithful to what He has already called me to do. He ordained me to be in a Vietnamese family and become an American Vietnamese individual. I grew up speaking Vietnamese. After my trip, I was encouraged to be faithful in this. My family is getting older and they draw nearer to death by the hours.

I have trouble fully explaining the gospel and reasoning with the Scriptures to them when my vocabulary is greatly lacking. In this day and age, there are numerous resources that I can utilize and I am accounted for these things on judgement day. May God help me to be disciplined and sacrifice whatever that needs to go for the gospel to eventually go forth. Furthermore, I’ll Be Honest has yet to have a Vietnamese page.

James Hudson Taylor did not just departed to China when he knew it was God’s will for him to go. There were practical issues he had to faced. He needed to spend time in London to study medicine. He needed the Lord to provide for him the means to go. In the meantime, his conviction was to be faithful where ever he was at. I have been enjoying his biography, and there are many things I can journal about from it, but I my time is limited today.

Jesus, the greatest example for missions, said His food was to do the will of His father. John 4:3 says, “He left Judea and departed again to Galilee.” What a profound statement if the readers know the context. He purposely took a route that not many travelers would. He reached out to a lost person that was basically unreached due to societal neglect. And what was the result? It is amazing how this text applies to any Christian, regardless if they are holding the rope or going down to the well. As Hudson Taylor said, “The Great Commission is an option not to be considered, but a commandment to be obeyed.” God help me.


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