Journal Entry 169

I received a response from a Vietnamese lady who translated Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God in Vietnamese 3 days ago. She was inquiring about how I have her contact information, and how the Lord saved me. A brother forwarded me an email years back regarding the translation of Jonathan Edward’s most popular sermon. I pray that God will open up doors for co-laboring in this harvest. My family need to hear this good news of salvation, and the Lord will save whom He wishes. While my business is to preach to whomever I possibly can, God is in the business of doing the impossibles by saving chiefs of sinners.

As far as whether I will go to the Middle East this summer for 3 weeks, I have not bought the plane tickets at this time. Though I desire to go, and I see the pros outweighing the cons, I am still waiting for more clarity of God’s will through the means of His sufficient word and His church guided by the Holy Spirit.

Yesterday was a tough day at work, today was another hard day at work, but tomorrow is the Lord’s Day where I get to worship with the brethren. In 9 hours mark the 23rd year the Lord has blessed me His holy providence–life in this world. I am still breathing, and I am still believing. May God help my soul to love Him more and Him. The greatest gift I ever received is the salvation from eternal hell and the power of sin in Jesus Christ alone through faith alone by God’s grace alone.


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