Journal Entry 148

I had a very difficult day  at work, and I was there for 16 hours. One of my six patients had an emergency situation that by God’s grace I caught before it progressed to where it would be life threatening. She eventually transferred to an intensive care unit. Due to working long hours and the lack of food and rest. I was sick and because of God’s mercy I am feeling better. I have two more days of work left, and then I get the weekend off. On Saturday, I will be interviewed for the graduate program I have been desiring to be admitted in. May the Lord be with me in that also.

I have been thinking recently about how I ought to cope with these trials. I recently finished reading the Gospel of Luke. Towards the end of it is about Christ’s death and Resurrection. Jesus died in a slow death. He was beaten, humiliated, and crucified. And, on top of all of that, He bore the Father’s wrath that mankind deserve. Yet, he risen from the dead and conquered what men can never overcome, which is death. By the power that only comes from the Father, He was able. Therefore, whenever I have a bad day I must remember what Christ went through and that same power that allowed Him to overcome death and sin is also within me through the residence of the Holy Spirit (Romans 6; Ephesians 1).


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