Journal Entry 139

Tuesdays are usually the busiest days during the week; it is known to be surgery day. The Lord graciously guided me through and used my co-workers to help me catch up in my work. I have also been praying for one of my co-workers who got really upset at me last week for making a mistake. I prayed that God would work in her heart for her to be patient and gracious with me, and today she showed that to me. I need the same from my patients too and their families too. There is a patient who is very mentally and physically disabled. What made it difficult was to prioritize my patients, and she was one of the last patients that I would see. Part of the the reason is she actually did not required much care. Despite having cerebral palsy (mentally delayed) and being blind, she was basically bedridden all day. She also could not communicate verbally. I had to make sure she was turned from one side to the other every couple of hours or so. I was very behind in medicating patients, so I had to ask another nurse to help medicate for me. All in all, I faced a tough case where the mother of the patient felt I have been neglecting her by not attending to her as much as I did for other patients. Thankfully, this is a learning experience. May the Lord help me to prioritize better and try to meet the demands as best as I can.


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