Journal Entry 137

It has been over two years since I saw Jake face to face. He was quite surprised that I am still in the Christian race. On my way back from the conference center, Jake took me to his house. During the car ride, he asked me if I was still a “hardcore” Christian. After explaining what he meant, I said yes. However, I do not let those terms cause me to be blinded to my defects. I recognize that the Lord is doing a powerful work in my life (Ephesians 1:19-20). Yet, I notice areas where I can grow.

When I was spending time with Jake and his older brother, Jason, at their home, I realized that I was at one of the Devil’s playground. I recognize that I must bear the spiritual armor. Even though they know I am a believer, they can still influence me in ways that will cause me to stumble. For example, Jake and I were watching movies, and he wanted to watch certain movies that I were not comfortable with. I stated what I cannot tolerate, but I could have been more stern and bold.

Jake and I would only briefly talk about the bible. He actually initiated the conversation by asking me how I would feel if the bible was wrong. I responded with what the bible says—I would be the most pitiful of people and my faith would be empty (1 Corinthians 15:13-19). The last time I visited we had multiple intense conversations (both with Jake and Jason). It was not hardly like that this time. They both know that I am trying to evangelize them, but that should not make me think one bit that I should be relaxed. I could have had a better conversation with them, and I could have prayed a lot more during my time there. I left them with a couple of gospel tracts and documents explaining the inerrancy and textual criticisms of the bible. I pray that they will take the time to read them and think about the content. It is not enough that they just make a decision to follow after Jesus; the working of the Holy Spirit is vitally essential. I pray that the Holy Spirit would rip out their heart of stone and place a heart of flesh in them that true spiritual life will be flowing throughout their souls. May God save them for His glory.



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