Journal Entry 124

The Lord has been teaching me much through my job. I am learning more about myself and more about God’s faithfulness in my life. I have to remember in the heat of the day, God will guide me and direct me to His will. The work of a nurse can be depressing, and it has sapped much of my energy for the past couple of days. Unfortunately, it is hard for me to be energetic when I am around the brethren. I have to force myself to be something different, but I am at a point where I am not concerned about how I act around people in that regards. However, my conviction is that I should be joyful around the brethren. I should be joyful that Christ is the King of Kings. I should be joyful that I am a servant of God doing His work as a nurse.

May God help me today at work. I have been humbled so many times, and I have been graciously reminded by other nurses that it is common to make the mistakes I made. Truthfully, I am hard on myself to the point where I can be discouraged. One reality that I must remember with all of these struggles is that the Lord will always provide for me a way of escape in the midst of trials.


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