Journal Entry 74

Yesterday was the Lord’s Day. During Sunday school, brother Brian talked about how we change people through biblical counseling, which essentially is discipleship, according to him and my pastor back home. He lead the discussion, and he brought up the main point that people who are lost need a heart change. He did not explicitly talk about regeneration, but he touch on the new nature that Jesus talks about in Matthew 7. A good tree will bear good fruit, while a bad tree will bear bad fruit.

The preaching pastor, as Presbyterians would call him, is going through Leviticus. He preached on chapter 4 and 5 today. He hit on the issue of intentional sins and how serious they were. The amazing thing is Christ paid for them all!

I’ve been struggling with trying to stay focus on my studies. I had to have my Facebook because I decided to join this nursing group, and apparently, I cannot handle it. I hate it so much because I wasted so much time on it, even though, there was some good came from it.

In spite of Facebook, the Lord has reminded me of this truth through of quote: “”Yes there are commands and there are rules, but that’s not what makes us godly. What makes us godly is knowing that Jesus died and that he died for me. And when He died, He died for every sin. PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE.”- Paul Washer”

I have been reminded that I am not going to win these battles if my focus is on the law and victory rather than Jesus and His beauty, His power. May God help me endure this week and pass both of my Midterm exams.


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