Journal Entry 70

I have been recently thinking a lot about loving God and loving the world. What got me started thinking about this topic is the release of a new movie called, “Deadpool”. He is a comic book character, known as an anti-hero, and now a live action movie is made about him. Many people who grew up reading the comics were very excited for this highly anticipated movie. Some of those people now professed to be Christians, and I wouldn’t doubt that God saved people from that background. However, the current big question in the church is whether a Christian can watch it or not, and whether a certain Christians can view it with a clear conscience or not.

The problem is the movie is rated R “for strong violence and language throughout, sexual content and graphic nudity”. It seems like it is common sense that Christians cannot view this movie without sinning against God, but some professing Christians manage to reason their way into justifying their sin for entertaining in this sort of movie or artwork. It is sad that Desiring God came to the point of writing an article about this because there are people in the church debating whether they and others should watch it or not. The public has described this movie as “really raunchy, very dirty, and pretty funny…profane, violent, and deliciously depraved.” I believe the worst of all comments that was made by a critic is, “While there have been other R-rated comic book movies and even superhero sex scenes (hello ‘Watchmen’!), non revel in it quite like ‘Deadpool’ does.”

I  heard of a couple of preachers feeling the urge to rip out the book of Acts from the bible because there is so much dead-ness in many churches they know related to the lack of evangelism. I feel the same for 1 John. I quoted one of my favorite verses, 1 John 2:15-17, to my English teacher, in the Lutheran High School I graduated from, and she said that me quoting this verse is legalism. If I remember correctly, she said the first epistle of John is legalistic! I don’t understand how someone can say that scripture if they are genuinely saved, regenerated by the Holy Spirit. In other scenarios, I had others explain away the text to avoid it contradicting the choices they make in life.

When I first got saved, I listened to a lot of preaching that warned the wheat of the many tares in this country. It was not racism or prejudice; the preachers I listened to were calling out false religion, false Christianity left and right. They made the point that it was what Christ preached, and He did (Matthew 7:21). Until I started going to a Christian High School and visiting churches in college campuses, I did not realize how prevalent it is. Now I know why these preachers preached hard on this issue. They certainly have the right to.

May God help me to remain humble when talking to people who do not agree with me. God has been dealing with me on the issue of convincing people about truth or about what I believe in. There are many theological topics that I still need to work on figuring out, and what I am convinced of. However, there are many other things, like this topic, where I am confident that it is what the bible teaches.


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