Journal Entry 46

The exams are starting to come, and the pressure is starting to increase. At the same time, the church that I am attending in the University is having small groups and new member’s class. Last Sunday, I attended Sunday School, Morning Service, Fellowship Meal, Small Group Study, and an evening New Member’s Class. I had my first exam on Monday, which was yesterday. It was very hard because I did not study that much on Sunday. I know that Sunday is the Lord’s day, but I am not so sure if I am required to keep the Sabbath, let alone trying to figure out if the Sabbath was on Sunday’s or Saturday’s.

I believe everyday belongs to the Lord, and I believe Christians should meet together throughout the week. But, I understand that there is an order of worship on the “Lord’s Day”, and it involves a congregation or group of believers.

What I am been pondering about for the past couple of days is living by faith, not by sight, and how that plays out in practical, daily living. When I have to make choices like whether I should study X amount of hours on Sunday or fellowship with the saints, I feel like I can make good arguments for both sides. I can say to myself that God has called me to be responsible as a student, and thus, I need to prepare for the exam. I can even bring up Ecclesiastes 9:10, and add to that argument that I need to do my best, so I need to study more. Or, I can argue that the bible calls me to use my gift to edify the body, and be edified by others through the means of the church. And, that can be done through sharing a meal, small group talk, bible studies, etc.

I have thought about this countless of times because I was saved as a high school student, and I am furthering my education by going to college. I have made both decisions in different situations, and I have felt regret in both situations. Interestingly, there are times when either of the two was easier to choose. There were times in my life, when I felt the urge to take a break from studying, so I easily chose to fellowship with the brethren, and there were times when I had the urge to study because I really wanted to get an “A” on my exam, An “A” in my mind equates with “doing my best”, for the most part.

When I search the scriptures, I find verses like James 5:2 and Romans 14:23. The deal with the issues of knowing what is right (through the Scriptures and then through the conscience), and actions preceding from “faith”.

What I find interesting about men and women who lived by faith, was that they may be viewed as foolish people from those outside of God’s kingdom. Mary traveled to Bethlehem in 3 days when she was pregnant because of of the census and God’s plan, but many health professionals would argue that it may be dangerous for her and the baby, so she should not do that. There are so many examples in the scriptures that walking by faith was smart in God’s eyes, but foolish in man’s eyes. Christians definitely do not want to fall into viewing things, and rationalize through the len’s of the flesh or the world. I have certainly fallen into that.

So what will I do this Sunday, when I have another exam next Monday. Well, I am planning on being very diligent throughout the week, so that I can fellowship with the bother and sisters and do God’s will by edifying the church. I will only study on Sunday with what ever time I have to myself. May God help me to grow in faith, and trust that He knows what He is doing. After all, God calls me to try my best, and that does not always mean that I will get an “A” because following after God takes up a lot of time, and there is a cost factor.


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