Journal Entry 43 Part 1

It has already been 3 weeks into the hardest semester of nursing school, and I am feeling the pressure. On top of that, I am getting more involved in a church. There are small group fellowships every Sunday afternoon for the next couple of months, and there is this new members class that is 4 weeks long. Of course, when it comes to choosing God or school, the answer is obvious. But, the hard part is knowing exactly what God wants me to do. It is not like God tells me directly how involved I can be in a church. However, what I can do is go to His word, special revelation, pray for the Spirit, and seek wise counsel. I also have a conscience that God will use.

Anyhow, there are a couple of things that I have been thinking about recently. One is the fact that God is omnipresent. I was pondering how that is such a fundamental doctrine or attribute of God that is one of the first thing a person is taught when they are dealing with God. It is something that we can forget about or not really apply it to our lives because we get caught up with the more challenging doctrines or other things in our spiritual life. Christians definitely should remember this truth as much as they can throughout their lives because it has such a significant impact on their relationship with God.

For example, the fact that God is omnipresent should give us much comfort when we are praying for others or thinking about others. When we have distant relationships we may be tempted to fear what will happen to that person. An unbelief that is rooted in this fear is that God is not omnipresent or He is not with this person.

I have a list of people that I pray for, and I was very comforted to know that God was with me, and I was in His presence. Yet, at the same time, God was with this person that I was praying for. It is such a phenomenon that cannot be achieved by anyone else. I have lost family members that can die in an instant and be judge to hell, but I can be confident that God is there with them sustaining them until their time is up. Now, I do not pray that they would live a healthy and long life. My main desire is what God desires, and that is for them to come to the knowledge of the truth and be saved.

That being said, I am not ignoring other attributes that God has, while contemplating on this particular one. It was just something that came to my thought because a fundamental attribute like that can be easily forgotten or not applied.


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