Journal Entry 42 Part 2

I am starting to get to know another person who lives on my floor. I played basketball with him once in the gym, and we would often greet each other in the halls of the floor. Today, I was planning on eating by myself, but he ran into me in the dining hall and decided to eat with me. We chatted a little bit, but there was not an open door for a discussion about God or the bible. He talked about our upbringing and how we grew up in certain types of families and neighborhoods. Of course, we talked about our majors and academics.

I have been desiring to reach on to anyone I can on the floor, and the Lord has been shining His light through me in interesting ways.

Later today, I was studying in my room, and suddenly, I heard a knock on my door. It was the Room Adviser, who facilitates the floor, and he need to do a fire alarm inspection. Because the alarm was high up in the wall, he had my friend, who I spoke with earlier to come help. My friend had to hold onto the button until the siren came on, and as he was holding onto it, he was staring at a picture that I put on the wall in front of my desk (whenever I take a break from studying, I would look up to glance at it). The picture reads, “If Christ is not first with you, Christ is nothing to you.” -Charles Spurgeon

He was staring at it for awhile, and I was wondering what went through his mind. I also had 8 verses on post-it notes stuck to my desk, so I wondered if he noticed that too. It is interesting how, when someone goes into my room, they are confronted by God’s word and truth.

I will definitely be praying for more open doors. A similar situation occurred with another guy who went into my room, and was very convicted by one of the verses I posted. He now wants to study the bible with me. I am struggling to figure out what to study first, and how to prepare for it. I am wondering if I should start with the authority of God’s word and then topics starting with God’s attributes (systematic theology) or the fall and then progress to the crucifixion of Christ (biblical theology). This semester is the most busiest in my nursing program, and I will have to make some sacrifices to advance God’s kingdom.


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