Journal Entry 41

Today was my first day in the elementary school. Part of my pediatrics class is to volunteer and teach health lessons at a local school to exercise teaching communication skills, and working with those who are not sick. Nurses are used to working with people who are sick, but what can they do for those who are not currently ill? They can educate the patient regarding health related issues to prevent or avoid being sick. The technical term for that is primary prevention. Where as secondary prevent involves dealing with the signs and symptoms. And, I believe tertiary prevention is caring for those who are suffering from the fullness of the disease, not just the symptoms.

Anyhow, there has been many changes over the years in the public school curriculum. They are more geared towards scoring high on the ACT/SAT that they are slowly taking away fine arts and physical education. As I walked through the hallways and examined the classroom that I was assigned to, I noticed a poster of Obama encouraging students to be interested in programming computers. I think he said, learn how to make the video game, not just play it. And, there is this big deal about coding now. Coding is simply a language that the understands in order to function the way it does with its programs.

Aside, from the crazy changes that I have noticed since I attended a public elementary school, I realized that I will never want my kids in one. At least pre-K til high school. I will whatever God allows me to do to not put my children through that. It is not really about the school taking away art and gym and replacing it with hard math and science. It is really the learning environment (the education level and the way other children interact with each other) that bothers me. I know socialization is one of the biggest concerns for parents who are considering home school, but I believe if that family is faithful to their church and is involved in other families’ lives then their children will naturally socialize. Also, they do not always have to interact with children their same age most of the time. I see the older generation interacting with the younger generation a lot in the scriptures.

Well, I gained much from that experience, and I am looking forward to giving health lessons to these kids. I really want them to take what is truth and apply it to their lives. I may express some opinions, and I do not expect people to believe my opinions. Giving speeches or lessons should not be done if the speaker does not have an intent to move people to do something, whether it is an encouragement to keep doing what is right or to change what their doing wrong. I do not want to just go the motions and give these lessons so that I can get a solid grade. I really want to invest the right amount of time, so that these kids can change for the better. I believe this attitude is good to develop for the body, especially for one who has the ability to communicate.

Christ grew in knowledge, and there is going to be a lot for me to learn also, yet only through the Spirit that I can accomplish such.



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